What Clothes Do Escorts Prefer

Even though there is no particular official dressing that Eve escorts should put on when seeing clients, of course their clothes must be sexy. Escorts mostly rely on their dressing and makeup to stand relevant in the whore business. If an escort does not dress to impress and put on make-up to fit her image to attract a man, she is likely to never flourish in her endeavors regardless of her bodily potential. An escort of any caliber does prefer to dress in the following different types of dress.

Crotchless panties

These are sexy panties worn by escorts, especially those going on entertainment places. Crotchless panties are sex arousing on the look with flips tied at the back. Crotchless panties have opening around the area that covers the genitals. This opening acts to give a client ample time to reach the honey pot without unnecessarily putting the escort naked. Crotchless panties vary in terms of design and color with a standard cost ranging from $10 to about $35 and above. There are widely worn by escorts and sex workers across the world to attract clients.

• Lingerie

Lingerie is women undergarments mostly preferred by escorts and sex workers. Lingerie generally comprises of several feminist clothing that is not only sexy but appealing to on the eyes.
Examples of lingerie are the Kimonos dress. Kimonos are short and sexy, and when worn, it comes just beneath the knees. Kimonos are tied with a sash referred to as obi at the back leaving a sleeve on the front part that exposes the escort thighs and pantie. Kimonos are worn in clubs by escorts hired to entertain adult guests.

Another piece lingerie preferred by escorts is the teddies. Teddy resembles the swimming costume though it’s much sexier. Escorts prefer to wear this kind of clothing when they have clients in the house for sex services. Since teddy looks more of a closed dress night dress, it serves both the purpose of a pantie and that of a bra.

• Heels

Escorts are fanatics of heels footwear. The majority prefer putting on dominatrix leather high heel that has a very sharp pointer. This heel makes them look classic, walk-in style and more so sexy to men.

• See through clothes

Escorts are a fan of wearing a see-through dress that gives clients seeking their services a chance to see through the goodies of their curvatures body. See through clothes can be a full dress reaching just beneath the knee but incredibly mind-blowing to men sexual drive.


In conclusion, dressing in escorts aims toward winning a catch. For such reason, escorts will prefer to dress in a point that any man out there remains horny for them. If you are an escort and not dressing sexually, you better change your professional to someone else.

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